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SpaceChat is built to be reliable. We sport extremely advanced chat formatting, multi-server chat, and robust storage systems. We made SpaceChat easy to set up and use on a daily basis, and it is a very intuitive system. There is little to worry about because SpaceChat does it all behind the scenes with its advanced algorithms.

Getting Started

To get started, just install the plugin and start your server! SpaceChat works out of the box without any setup. To customize your formatting, change the formats in the formats.yml. More configuration options are available in the config.yml! Follow the instructions inside of the formats.yml for more information.

When you first install the plugin, you should do /papi ecloud download Player to set up player names, and right after, do /papi reload to apply the changes.

Redis / Multi-Server Sync

Redis is an advanced tool that can be used to synchronize multiple servers using SpaceChat. If set up, you can have multiple servers with the exact same chat (e.g. Multiple Skyblock sub-servers). Set your server-identifier in the config.yml to the shot name of your server. The server-displayname is the more often displayed text, so that can have spaces and colors. You can access these variables in your chat formats using the placeholders found in the config. The url is a customizable connection URL, and the chat-channel should be set to the same thing (pub/sub channel) for each server that wants to be synced.


SpaceChat only requires one dependency!

  • PlaceholderAPI

Documentation and Support

When you need help configuring or modifying SpaceChat's features, you can look at the documentation! If you need more help, please message us on the support discord!

  • Documentation:

  • Need help? Contact us with discord: