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Staff Applications

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Are you tired of having to use a third party or book n' quill to manage your staff applications? Do you find it difficult and a waste of time settings up a Google form then giving your staff access to it? Do you wish there was a quicker, simpler way of managing your server's staff applications?

WELL! You've come to the right place!

I've developed this Skript because I've used it many times on my past servers and always received positive feedback how the application is managed in-game. This allows your staff to stay in-game to check applications. This also makes sure the data is accurate to the applicant (for example, Google forms does not prove that the user which applied, was the user that applied. Anyone can enter any username they want).

Something to Keep in Mind:

  • This skript requires your players to answer questions through the chat. This means if you are using a custom skripted chat there will be conflicts if you don't follow the steps provided (scroll to bottom).

About the Skript:

This skript allows your server's players to apply for staff (or something else) though an in-game GUI application, without the need of a third party application (such as Google forms).

Your players can open a simple, single page GUI. Answer/edit questions which you can customise in the configuration section.

When an application is submitted and accepted/deleted, both staff and the applicant will receive a notification.

Once a player has submitted the application, your staff can review, vote and comment on it. While the player's application is in review, they can keep up to date with the status of their application.

  • Roughly 700 lines

  • Requires no addons

  • Very customisable

    • Permissions

    • Commands

    • Messages

    • Colour theme

    • Cooldowns

    • Max Submissions

    • Requirements

    • Questions (up to 18)

    • Strict answers (text, yes/no, number or integer)

    • Supports RGB colours (e.g. <#ffffff>)

  • Requires minimal configuration (just a single line change, at least)

Commands and Permissions:

  • /apply (default)
    Open the application and view its status

  • /apps (default)
    View submitted an accepted applications

  • /apps <player> (default)
    View a specific player's application (skipping the navigation and submissions menus)

  • /appSettings <player> (default)
    Edit a player's application (Clear cooldown and edit feedback message).

  • No permission (default)
    To open the application/view its status

  • staffapplication.readApplications (default)
    Open the admin GUI (navigation menu)

  • No permission (default)
    Vote on an application

  • No permission (default)
    Comment on an application

  • staffapplication.admin (default)
    Permission to accept/deny an application

  • staffapplication.applied (default)
    Prevent a player from opening the apply/status menus. (recommended to change to something related to all staff, such as 'myservername.staff')

  • staffapplications.settings (default)
    Permission to edit an application

Default Requirements & Questions:

  • You must be 13+ to apply

  • You cannot have any punishments

  • You have to be active

  • What is your Discord username?
    Please enter your discord user, if you have it. (e.g. example#1234)

  • Are you able to talk in voice calls?
    Only answer this question if you have discord.

  • How old are you? *
    Just say 'old enough' if you're old enough and don't want to say your exact age (for privacy reasons).

  • Why do you want to be staff? *
    What is the reason for applying on <your server name here>.

  • Why should you be staff? *
    Why should we make you staff, instead of someone else?.

  • Where are you in the world? *
    So we know when you can be online.

  • Anything else you want to say?
    Is there anything else you think is important for us to know?

  • What would you do if...
    A player was online and spamming the chat?

  • What would you do if...
    A player has been reported for hacking?

  • What would you do if...
    You found a game breaking bug?

  • What would you do if...
    Another member of staff were abusing their power?

  • What would you do if...
    A player you don't like, joined the server?

How to Add/Remove/Change Application Questions?

First things first, you do not have to change these questions. The default questions have been setup for those who do not understand skript and do not want to risk changing anything.

You can easily add, remove or change a question. You do not have to understand skript to do this.

Every question is in the form of a list, this list contains: id, type, required option, question and description.

  • Remove a Question

    1. Select the section (will be 5 lines of code)

    2. Delete the selected

  • Add a Question

    1. Select an existing section (will be 5 lines of code)

    2. Copy and paste the new section below

    3. Change the index of the question (e.g. from '{saq::1' to '{saq::2') for all 5 lines

    4. Proceed to Change a Question

  • Change a Question

    Simply remove the text between the two "..." (e.g. "remove this text here")

    1. Question ID:
      The question ID must be unique to the question, this is how the application knows if the question has been answered or not.

    2. Question TYPE:
      The question type must be one of the following:

      • TEXT: The answer can be any format (a plain chat message)

      • YESNO: The answer must be either a yes or no

      • NUMBER: The answer must be a number (e.g. 123.45)

      • INTEGER: The answer must be an integer (e.g. 12345)

    3. Question REQUIRED:
      If the question is required or not (set to 'true' if the question requires an answer, or 'false' if not)

    4. Question QUESTION:
      The question (keep it short and snappy as this is displayed in the item name)

    5. Question DESCRIPTION:
      The description (a description of what the answer is intended to be)
      Keep the description within the 'getFormattedString' function, so that the description is wrapped (so the description is not on a single lore line)

How to Prevent Chat Conflicts:

First things first, you do not need to edit the chat skript if you are not using a custom skripted chat. If you are using a skripted chat proceed with the following steps.

Please read the following carefully! If you do not understand it and require to proceed with this step, please do not buy this skript.

The chat section of the skript is in a single block and requires no skripting knowledge at all. Read the following tutorial carefully so you do not mess anything up.

  1. Scroll down to the line 173 (by default), where the line says: on chat:

  2. Remove line 173 (or the line which says: on chat:)

  3. Copy and delete all code from line 175 to 254. The start and end lines of the code should look like the following:
    (default line 175)if {applyChatEdit.%player's uuid%} is set:
    (default line 254)delete {applicationActions.%player's uuid%}

  4. Navigate to the file where you have your custom skripted chat

  5. Paste the copied code (from the StaffApplications file) into your chat file, after the line which says: on chat:
    This code is using TABS for indents. If you have an error saying something about a line indent, you will need to replace all the TABS in the pasted code with SPACES
    WHAT IS A TAB? A TAB is the equivalent of 4 SPACES. A single TAB makes an indent quicker and easier to read when developing.