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Staff Bundle

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This bundle includes all you could need to better manage your server as a moderator!


This script includes all you could need when it comes to punishments from warnings to the complete punishment history of a player!

  • Ban command ( Example: /ban Notch 30d Stealing my items! - Banish a player for 30 days)

  • Mute command ( Example: /mute CookieStealer 10m Rude to my friends! - Silences a player for 10 minutes)

  • Kick command ( Example: /kick Soarz Trying to block glitch >:( - Removes the player from the server)

  • Warn command ( Example: /warn LogicNP Using too many caps! - Sends a warning to a player)

  • History command ( Example: /history JohnDoe - Shows all previous punishments inflicted on the player and their current status based on name color )

All punishment commands all contain the ability to add -s within the reason to hide the public broadcast.

Example: /ban Trent 10m -s No one will see you get banned, haha!

Staff Chat

This simple script is used to send private messages across your staff in the server.

  • Command - This is used to talk in staff chat through a command ( Example: /sc Hello!- Using /sc togglewill toggle staff chat on or off)

  • Chat Message - You are able to talk in staff chat through in-game messages ( Example: # Hey there!)

The staff chat message is also very easy to configure in the file along with the permission node


The vanish script gives you and your staff team the ability to hide themselves in the server from players.

Once vanished, you will be hidden from players visually and from the tab list. Alongside that, your join and leave messages will become hidden.


This section will quickly go over the permission nodes for everything

Punishments:staff.punishment.<command> Example: staff.punishment.ban

Staff Chat (default):

Vanish: staff.vanish