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Stal's Gadgets

Regular price200 credits 150 credits

You can get Gadgets by doing /gadgets or /g

  • This command will open a menu that will show all of the gadgets and all you have to do to get them is click on them!

    The permission for the menu command is "sk.guns"

This product contains 9 Gadgets, I will list them here:

  • Creeper Gun: Shoots creepers

  • TNT Gun: Shoots TNT

  • Pig Launcher: Shoots PIGS!

  • Machine Gun: Shoots Arrows Very Fast

  • Fireball Gun: Shoots Fireballs

  • Infinite Potato: A potato you can eat until the end of time

  • Infinite Pearl: A pearl you can shoot forever ( with a toggleable cooldown )

  • Grappling Hook: Sour into the sky with your epic grappling hook! ( with a toggleable cooldown )

This product has Settings to make it more customizable for people that want to use the product!

  • Change the Gadget prefix!

    When it displays cooldowns it shows a prefix, you could easily change the prefix by doing /gsettings (your new prefix!)

    The default prefix is "&e&lGadgets"

  • Enable and Disable Cooldowns!

    You can easily disable the prefix for cooldowns by doing /gsettings (true/false)

    Cooldowns are off by default

    This product is perfect for PvE and PvP servers because the gadgets are perfect for use in combat.

    Plugins Required:

  • SkBee

  • Skellet

  • Sk-gui

  • Skript