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Survival Mail

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Survival Mail is currently not compatible with 1.17 servers.

Send and receive gifts from your friends!

Survival Mail is the best way to send personalized gifts to your friends on your server!

  • In order to create a mailbox, just name a chest "Mailbox" in an anvil and place it down!
    To access your mailbox, just right-click the chest!

  • Choose who to send your package to in an easy-to-use sign prompt!
    A player doesn't have to be online to receive mail!

  • Select a custom wrapping paper for your package!

  • Place the item(s) you want to send in the center of the "Select Item" screen and press the "Send Item" button!

  • The next time your friend opens their mailbox, the package will be waiting for them!

  • You can also customize the color of your mailbox in the Preferences screen!

Survival Mail works out-of-the-box in any world/server, all you have to do is place down a chest named "Mailbox".
Mailbox chests are not locked to a specific player, anybody can right-click a Mailbox chest and access their own Mailbox.

Survival Mail uses skript-gui, and may not work properly if you use TuSKe on your server.