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Survival of the Fittest

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Do you think you're good enough to beat the game on hard mode? Maybe even hardcore mode? Think again.

Survival of the Fittest makes the game harder, adds some realism, and adds a new difficulty - expert mode. On expert mode all mobs deal double damage and receive buffs, and slight changes in how they spawn such as increased speed or when they attack you there may be some side effect like poison or slowness.

Gameplay changes:

  • Expert mode added, while this script is active the game will be harder but playing with expert mode on adds quite the challenge (hardcore 1 life rule does not apply).

  • Wearing stronger pieces of armor can start to slow you down.

  • All wounds receive a small chance of being infected.

  • Mobs are buffed in more ways than just damage. I won't say too much on this, wouldn't want to spoil the surprise!

  • When you die your death location is posted in chat.

  • Much more is planned, ideas are greatly appreciated!

Expert Mode is enabled by default, this can be changed in the config section of the script.