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Teleport Pads

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Teleport Pads allow players to teleport from one Pad to another, they can be used in many different ways such as AFK Machines, quick transportation, building, and more.

This Teleport Pad Script is easily customizable and coded efficiently so that you don't have to worry about lag or messing anything up.

The first lines of the Script are explanations of different options (Seen on the 5th photo) which allows for easy customization, change 1 option and every place it's used at will be changed as well.

[========== FEATURES ==========]


  • The default Teleport Pads cap is 10, and when you place them they will go by colors (From red to white, 10 colors included). However, this can be changed by right-clicking the teleport pad and going onto the "Change Color" option, from there you can select any of the colors from the 2nd photo (All of the Minecraft dye colors).

  • Changing colors isn't the only thing players can do, They can make custom names as well & it's simple! All you have to do is right-click on the teleport pad, and click on "Change Name" and a sign menu will appear (2nd photo) and whatever is typed on the first (empty) line will be the new name, keep in mind that default Minecraft sign character cap is 14.


  • Pairing/linking is another thing you can do, You can change the destination of any teleport pad by right-clicking it and clicking the anvil, which will open the "Pair Teleport Pad" inventory (seen in the 3rd photo), which allows you to link your teleport pad to all of the other ones placed. If you have just 1 teleport pad placed, you won't be able to link it, if you have multiple teleport pads placed you will.

  • Currently selected teleport pad will appear as a barrier block, and won't allow pairing (Check the 3rd photo), If you have less than 10 teleport pads placed, your unplaced ones will appear as bedrock, while every other placed will appear as another end portal frame. (Also seen in the 3rd photo)


  • With all of these features, no wonder auto-updated holograms come in handy!

  • If you place a pad and don't link it, the "No Destination" (4th photo) hologram will appear.

  • As soon as you link the pad with another one, the hologram will be updated to "Teleport To (Pair)" (As seen in the 4th photo).

  • If you have a pad linked to another one, and you change the linked pad's name or color, both holograms will be updated instantly too.

  • One last thing about holograms, upon a pad removal, all the pads linked to the removed pad will have their holograms updated, and the removed pad's holograms will be deleted.


  • Permission: pads.use

  • /pads help | [Opens the commands menu]

  • /pads give (player) | [Gives the targeted player 1 teleport pad]

  • /pads invite | [Gives you the invite to our Support Discord]


  • Purchase the product

  • Click Install & Select the server you want to install it on

  • Go onto your server and type "/sk reload Market_Pads"

  • You're done :)