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Adventure Studios

Ultimate Leaderboards

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By Adventure Studios

Ultimate Leaderboards is an advanced script that allows you to quickly and easily create custom physical leaderboards within your server.

• A hyper-customizable configuration section. Set things like particles, styles, refresh periods, armor stand positioning and more!
• Easy-to-use commands for quick setup • Armorstand pose presets & the ability to easily add your own
• Custom chat messages to alert you of issues and refreshes • Manual resets to quickly reposition leaderboards
• Armor stands can face any direction and can be placed in any location; they're all separate
• Automatic signs linked to the armor stands to display the statistics
• High efficiency, minimal lag.

• Default permission: leaderboards.setup
• Permissions can be altered easily
• Players without the permission cannot alter the armor stands

• Commands feature tab-completion, so you can quickly and easily set up your leaderboards
• Main command: /leaderboards
• Aliases of /lb, /leaderboard, /lbs
• Sub commands:
• /lb help - Displays a help menu
• /lb set <integer> - Sets a leaderboard position
• /lb reset - Resets all current leaderboards (Deletes entities, signs and locations)
• /lb refresh - Forces an instant refresh (Updates statistics and entities)

• To set a leaderboard, go to the desired location and execute /lb set <integer> - integer being 1, 2 or 3 depending on the placement (Ex. first place will be 1)
• Configure particles, text, poses, timing and more easily through the Script file. Everything is laid out neatly and has a brief but detailed description • The leaderboard default is set to Vault Balances; this can also be set to kills or custom variables
• And you're done! Just about everything is automatic, it requires almost no time at all to set up. Enjoy your new player incentive!

Required (all required plugins are automatically installed if you have enough plugin slots)
• Skript
• SkBee
• MorkazSK
• Vault (used for the built-in balance style)
• Economy Plugin (Ex. Essentials) (used for the built-in balance style)