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Ultra Gens

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Ultra Gens

Ultra Gens is a next level script package providing you the easiest Gen Server experience. From the GUIs to the last line of code, we've worked our hardest to make everything as clean and efficient as possible.

What is a Gen Server?
A gen server is quite comparable to a tycoon or idle game. You buy blocks called Gens that drop items for players to sell for money. With money you upgrade to get better gens and you repeat the process to be the top player of the server!

Full documentation can be found here:

What's in the box:

  • Custom Gen Core

  • Custom /Sell & Sellwands

  • Nifty Functions

    • Number Formats

      • 5k, 5M, 5T, 5Q

    • Parse text to a number quickly

  • Full Tab Completions for All Commands

  • Config Files

    • Enable and Disable Database Storage

    • Use Skripted Economy or Vault (Essentials)

    • Customize ALL messages, titles & sounds!

    • Customize ALL item lores and gen displays!

  • Shop

    • /Shop Command

    • Set the price of wood

    • Set the price of concrete

    • Set what the Starter Gen is

    • Set the price of the Starter Gen

    • Set how many items are bought at once


  • /ug - Displays help page

  • /ug gen(s) list - Displays Gen List

  • /ug gen(s) create <name> - Create a new Gen

  • /ug gen(s) delete <name> - Delete a Gen

  • /ug gen(s) edit <name> - Edit a Gen

  • /ug gen(s) give <name> <amount> <player> - Give a Gen

  • /ug slot(s) give <amount> <player> - Give a player Gen Slots

  • /ug slot(s) remove <amount> <player> - Remove Gen Slots from a player

  • /ug slot(s) set <amount> <player> - Set a player's Gen Slots

  • /ug manage <player> - Manage a player's slots via gui

  • /ug sellwand(s) give <multiplier> <uses> <player> - Give a player a Sellwand

  • /ug reset <player> - Completely resets a player's progress (Must be executed in console)

  • /ug reload - Reloads config.yml and lang.yml


  • ug.use - Allows the use of /ug

  • ug.gens - Create, Edit, Delete, and Give Gens

  • ug.slots - Give, Remove, and Set Gen Slots of a player

  • ug.manage - Give, Remove, and Set Gen Slots of a player through the GUI Editor

  • ug.sellwands - Give Sellwands

  • ug.reload - Reload Ultra Gens configs


  • Skript (Required)

  • Skript-GUI (Required)

  • MorkazSK (Required)

  • SkBee (Required)

  • Skript-JSON (Required)

  • skript-yaml (Required)

  • MongoSK 2 (Optional)