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Ultra Pets

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Ultra Pets is a quality pet Skript that allows you to use pets as a rank perk or for general fun.


  • 6 Pre-Made pets in an easy-to-use GUI: Parrot, Rabbit, Panda, Fox, Bee, and Iron Golem

  • Lag friendly

  • Toggleable Invincible Pets, Pet Drops, And Other Commands

  • Simple and Powerful GUI (Powered by TusKe)

  • Custom pet spawning

  • SafeTeleport feature to allow pets to teleport to you safely

  • Smooth, free pathfinding to player

  • Customizable Error messages and prefix

  • Bug Report Feature (/pet report)

  • Custom Pet display names


  • - Parrot Pet

  • - Rabbit Pet

  • - Bee Pet

  • - Fox Pet

  • - Baby Panda Pet

  • - Iron Golem Pet

  • - Custom Mob Spawning

  • - Hostile Custom Mob Spawning

  • - GUI access (recommended in default rank)

  • ultrapets.settings - Settings menu


  • /pet - GUI menu & base command

  • /pet (pet name) - Spawns a preset pet

  • /pet custom (entity) - Spawns a custom pet

  • /pet bug - Reports a bug in the skript

  • /pet help - Sends a help menu to player

  • /pet settings - Opens a setting display

  • /pet despawn - Despawns the player's pet

  • /pet tp - Force teleports the pet to the player

  • /pet rename (name) - Add a custom name to your pet

REQUIREMENTS (All plugins will be installed automatically if you have enough plugin space)

  • Skript

  • TusKe

  • SkQuery


  • A permissions plugin (E.g. Luckperms) (unless you have your own system to manage permissions)


  • Download, Restart the server, use /pets, and you're done!

  • More customizable pet settings in the skript config

  • Enjoy!


  • Using /sk reload scripts/all will break the TusKe GUI, this is a problem with all TusKe GUI's and there is nothing we can do about it

  • Some custom pets can destroy terrain/animals so it has been warned if it can do so

  • Please do not spam report bugs as it will only make the fixing process slower

  • Please do not tamper with the skript report feature, this is essential to the overall improvement of the plugin

  • If you need extra help, join the discord here ->