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Waystones is completely 1.17 compatible! (See below for experimental 1.18 compatibility)
Waystones is NOT a Fabric/Forge mod. It is for Spigot/Paper servers only.

Easily teleport between locations on your server!

Waystones make it easy to link locations together in a survival-friendly way.

  • To create a Waystone, simply place down a normal Lodestone!

  • Before you can teleport to a Waystone, you must discover it by right-clicking it.
    Discovered Waystones are unique to each player.

  • After discovering a Waystone, right-click it again to open the Waystone GUI!

  • The Waystone GUI displays a list of your discovered Waystones, as well as a button to edit the selected Waystone at the top.

  • Newly-placed Waystones will have a random icon!

  • Click any Waystone in the list to teleport to it! It even works across dimensions/worlds!

  • You can customize both the name and icon of the Waystone that appears in the list!

Waystones works out of the box in any world/server, all you need to do is place a Lodestone!
Any existing Lodestones will automatically work as Waystones.

Waystones uses skript-gui, and may not work properly if you use TuSKe on your server.

If you are an advanced user, you may enable an optional XP cost inside the script's options in the File Manager.

For experimental 1.18 compatibility:
1. Create a backup (for safety purposes)
2. Set your server version to Spigot/Paper 1.17.1
3. Install Waystones
4. Set your server version back to Spigot/Paper 1.18