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Do you love Minecraft Survival, but find yourself searching for something new beyond the typical Vanilla experience? Well, look no further!

ZPlanet is a survival challenge that adds new content while still respecting the core gameplay of vanilla survival, making it exciting for rookies and veterans alike. It works as a world for you and your friends, as an SMP, as a PvP server, and so much more!

Plus, it requires no resource packs, mods, or plugins to play! Just set up the world and you're good to go!


  • A fully redesigned, naturally generating world with a post-apocalyptic feel

  • Several new Zombie variants to fight, each with unique stats and abilities

  • Zombies are unharmed by sunlight, allowing them to gather up in hordes or lurk as a hidden danger in the wilderness

  • A variety of custom structures scattered across the world for players to discover and loot

  • A sinister and shadowy new Nether dimension